Orlando City Soccer Games: Experience One Like a Local!

  • September 14, 2016

If you have not attended an Orlando City soccer game during your time in Orlando, then I am sorry to say that you are missing out on one of the most fun events in the Orlando area. When I say “event” I really mean it. Everybody in Orlando would back me up on saying that attending a game is truly an experience!

Orlando residents have totally rallied behind the Lions and really embraced the team as part of our home. If you have been to Downtown Orlando on a game day, you will have witnessed the spirit and pride of spectators sporting purple up and down Church Street. Want to experience the games like a real Orlando local? Get ready because it’s truly a party!

The Orlando City soccer team has brought an amazing new energy to Orlando since the team’s arrival in 2013. The best way to take advantage of an OCSC game is to make a day of it. Head downtown a few hours before the game to really soak up the atmosphere. I guarantee you’ll feel super pumped by kickoff.

If you’re looking to start your day off with a tasty meal, our staff loves Kasa for Sunday brunch. For just $35, you’re treated to a delicious buffet with their staples of Miso Prailine Bacon and Sweet Potato Pancakes, as well as bottomless champagne to mix with fresh juices like orange, peach and lychee. Yum!

Now where to go once you’ve finished your meal? Church Street is a great place to start. The road is blocked off on game days, with drink tents and other vendors, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants. You’ll see tons of other fans in purple, gearing up for the game just like you!

We love to hit up Ferg’s Depot on Church St. for a drink before the game. This bar/restaurant is so unique, as it was once a train station! Several original buildings and train platforms still remain, as well as some shipping containers that house the kitchens and bathrooms. This place is too cool, and you’re sure to find some fellow OCSC fans here on game day.

The next time you stay at the Vista Cay Resort, we hope you treat yourself to the awesome experience of an Orlando City Soccer Game. The games are insanely fun, and spending the day downtown preparing for the game will give you a taste of Orlando’s pride. Go Lions!


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