Enjoy Unique Twists on Modern American Cuisine at SLATE

  • September 12, 2016

If you’ve followed our blog, you know that Orlando Resorts Rental loves to try local restaurants and make dining recommendations to our guests at the Vista Cay Resort. With so many options available to you just 5-10 minutes away on International Drive and Sand Lake’s Restaurant Row, we know it can be tough to make a choice for dinner. Orlando has so many unique dining options available, so we invite you to venture away from the chain restaurants for some local fare. This week we enjoyed dinner at an awesome restaurant that has been open in Orlando for just over a year, Slate.

When you first walk into Slate, you’re greeted by the wonderful aroma of a wood-burning grill. We also smelled some delicious BBQ, and we will definitely be back to try some of those ribs we saw emerging from the kitchen! The kitchen is an open concept, so you can watch your food being made, including a pizza chef tossing dough and popping it into their giant pizza oven! Along with several comfy booths and tables is an awesome bar with plenty of seating, offering Happy Hour from 5-6:30 on weekdays!

The ambiance at Slate is super fun, and could be great for couples, families or a group night out. Slate boasts an awesome list of craft cocktails, but I decided on a classic Cosmopolitan, which did not disappoint! They had an entire column of starters perfect for sharing, as well as plenty of options to build an awesome charcuterie and cheese board. For dinner, entrees include everything from pasta, to brisket, to scallops and snapper. Since we were totally intrigued by so many options on the menu, we were delighted to see that Slate was participating in Magical Dining Month, allowing us to try a bit of everything.

While my dining partner ordered a margherita pizza (delish!), I opted for the Magical Dining menu, getting an appetizer, entrée and dessert for just $33. I chose Deviled Eggs, Carbonara Bucatini, and an Ice Cream Trio to top it off. Wow, what a meal! The Deviled Eggs came out pickled, which was such an interesting touch. My Carbonara Bucatini was so rich and decadent, and my egg was plated tableside, such a unique presentation creating a twist on a classic dish. Finally, I was treated to three homemade ice creams- vanilla, peach, and cinnamon toast crunch! Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer evening?

At Slate, you’ll find plenty of locals enjoying their meals, so it is the perfect way to get away from the some of the tourist destinations, if you’re looking for more of an authentic Orlando experience. And at just a 10 minute drive from the Vista Cay Resort, you don’t have to venture too far from your comfy condo to get in on the deliciousness!


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