Epcot Theme Park

Epcot_Disney_parkLeaving the fairytale magic behind, Epcot presents a whole new take on magic. Epcot is Walt Disney’s dream of celebrating human achievement, technology and international culture! As you enter the gate, you’ll be welcomed with Spaceship Earth, a fascinating and eye opening ride that takes you through the development of human society from ancient times to the present!

Epcot is split into two sections, Future World and The World Showcase.

Future World:

In Future World, you’ll experience technology at it’s finest in both visual displays and attractions. Located in “The Land,” Soarin’ will take you on a simulated free-flight experience that will blow you away! You can also join a relaxing boat ride that will show you high tech and complex ways to grow food organically!

On the other side of Future World, step into space with MISSION: Space as you ride in a G-Force simulating ride to Mars. Don’t worry, there are two levels of intensity so that all can enjoy. Right next door is the popular Test Track – a high speed look at how car companies test new vehicles for safety, and you’re the test subjects!

Theepcot_worldshowcasemap World Showcase:

Experience an array of culture like you’ve never seen before. Located within one large area, you can travel from Mexico to France, and Canada to China in minutes by walking! You’ll enjoy authentic cuisine, souvenirs and cultural learning experiences that are par none to the real country!

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